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Chromebook Help

Chromebook Help

  1. Press the ESC, “refresh”, and POWER keys at the same time. What is a refresh key? It is usually located on the top row of keys. It looks like an arrow in a circle. ⟳ 

  2. The first screen you should see is the “Chrome OS is missing or Damaged”. Press the CTRL+D keys.

  3. Press the ENTER key.

  4. The next screen should say “OS Verification is OFF”. Press CTRL+D. The chromebook will now reboot and load from memory.

  5. The “Welcome” Screen should appear. Click Let’s Go.

  6. Join the network of your choice by clicking it and inputting your username/password for that network. If you are at home it will be your home network. If at school you can hotspot this off your phone. When this process is finished it will automatically connect to the correct school WiFi network per device. 

  7. Click Next.

  8. Turn the “Optional Help” slider button to the off position. Click Accept and continue.

  9. THe chromebook will check for updates and finish the enterprise enrollment.

  10. Click Done.

  11. Congratulations you now have a fresh Chromebook.