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ACT 1039 - Dyslexia Screening and Intervention
The Green Forest School District utilizes the evidenced-based Barton Reading and Spelling and Take Flight dyslexia intervention program in small group intervention to address the deficit areas of students identified as exhibiting the characteristics of dyslexia.   
The following chart details annual data regarding students attending Green Forest School District who are identified as exhibiting the characteristics of dyslexia and those who are receiving dyslexia intervention services from a trained dyslexia interventionist:
  2019-2020   2018-2019   2017-2018   2016-2017  
  Identified Served Identified Served Identified Served Identified Served
Green Forest Elementary 36 36 42 42 61 61 19 19
Green Forest Intermediate 32 32 28 28 18 18 8 8
Green Forest Middle School 18 18 8 8 0 0 0 0
Green Forest High School 5 5 1 1 0 0 0 0
Green Forest Schools 91 91 79 79 79 79 27 27

Note: These are composite totals for the year. If students leave the district, these numbers may not exactly match final numbers on state reports. 

The Arkansas Department of Education has created a Dyslexia Resource Guide to provide guidance for districts, schools, and teachers as they seek to effectively meet Arkansas code provisions regarding Dyslexia screening and intervention. In addition to Dyslexia specifics, it also outlines the relationship of Dyslexia Intervention to RTI, and how this combination meets IDEA (the federal Individuals with Disabilities Education Act).